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PMV HOA governing documents were created in accordance with Oregon Laws governing Real Property Development ORS 94 and Non-Profit Corporations ORS 65. These documents, categorized in four basic groups, are provided below:
  1. Pine Meadow Village Development Standards (CC&R's) provide details on the development’s architectural standards and guidelines, approved building materials, and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). It is important for homeowners to understand this document as it describes building and maintenance responsibilities of each owner and those assumed by the HOA; the operating costs to the owners and how they will be collected, and the rights and protections granted to mortgage holders. Additionally, they outline the HOA's powers of enforcement, procedures to resolve disputes and the restrictions on owner usage, which includes such things as regulations governing pets, how an owner may alter their property and the uses of the common areas. 
  2. Bylaws: Pine Meadow Village HOA bylaws, not to be confused with CC&Rs, describe the procedures and mechanics of homeowner’s association management and decision-making. This includes officer and director positions and how they are filled, the way meeting, voting and notification are undertaken for owners' and board members' decisions and the methods of record-keeping and reporting.  9/8/2016 Amendment to the Bylaws
  3. Agreements: In addition to CC&Rs and Bylaws, Pine Meadow Village has Agreements and Resolutions that have been created and filed with the City and County.  Agreements include the Rolling Hills Agreement, the Westside Agreement, the Westside View Corridor AgreementPhase 1 Water Feature, Open Space Easement Agreement,  City of Sisters Reinstatement of CCRs, City of Sisters Residential DistrictingCity of Sisters Landscape Agreementand the PUD, PMR, and NSV Agreement.                              
  4. Rules, Regulations and Resolutions: Pine Meadow Village also has internal procedures covering things such as Architectural Review, On-site management, signage, parking and facilities use (clubhouse, pool, spa and tennis court). There are are resolutions covering Collection of Unpaid Charges, Internal Controls and CC&R Enforcement - Fines.
  5. Board of Directors Guide to Decision Making:  The HOA Board of Directors are elected by members of this community.  Their responsibilities include looking out for, and making decisions, on behalf of all homeowners.  The PMV HOA Board members approved these guidelines during the February 10, 2020 Board Meeting and will adopt this framework for decision making.