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  • Is tennis court restricted to members?
    No, the tennis courts are open to the public.
  • Is the pool and spa open to the public?
    No, the pool and spa are available only for residents and guests.  PMV residents/owners MUST accompany their guests at ALL times.

  • Can I feed birds on my property?
    Bird feeders are permitted, but you should be aware of city rules restricting deer feeders.  Using bird feeder trays is requested to prevent attracting rodents.
  • Can my cable service be suspended during periods of extended absence?
    Yes, contact your cable service.
  • Can the city disconnect my water during periods of extended absence?
    Yes, call or visit Sisters City Hall to provide staff with the dates.  There is no charge.
  • How often are dues increased?
    The budget is reviewed annually.  Budget requirements and possible changes in monthly dues are reviewed during the November review. 
  • Is Pine Meadow Village patrolled by the HOA?
    No, PMV is inside the city limits and is served by the Deschutes County Sheriff Department.
  • Is there a Reserve Fund?
    Yes, the fund is maintained at US Bank and is subject to restrictions per the CCR’s.  An annual study of the adequacy of the fund is performed and posted in the financial section of the website.
  • Is WiFi Access available at the Clubhouse?
    Yes. How to access the wifi is posted in the clubhouse.
  • Where can I receive my local mail?
    The USPS office provides post office boxes at the main office on Larch St.  Alternative options with boxes include   Pony Express.
  • Who do I contact if pets are trespassing on my property?
    Pets are required to be on a leash in PMV.  Contact PMV Manager, Dan McVey, with any concerns.
  • Who is responsible for sidewalk snow removal?
    Residents are responsible for snow removal on their  personal sidewalks and driveways.
    Plowing:  All cars must be removed from the street if more than 4 inches of snow falls.  Cars not removed will be towed.