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Pine Meadow Village Pool, Spa and Tennis Courts
NOTE:  Pool is now closed for the winter/spring season.
The following rules apply:
  • The spa will be open 8:30-5:00. 
  • Six foot social distancing is required in the pool and on the deck.
  • Limit the use of the hot tub to one household unit at a time.  Hot tub can reserved for 30 minutes using the website.
  • Everyone must sign-in to allow PMV to maintain a contact log. Anyone not signing in will be asked to leave the pool. 
  • NO GUESTS!!! Limited-use pools are operated in connection with a companion facility, such as an apartment complex, hotel/motel, private club, association or organizational camp where the pool is limited to residents, patrons or members. Only people in residence are allowed to use the pool and hot tub.
OHA 2351 Phase 2 Reopening   If you have questions please follow this link and read the Oregon Health Authority web page. 
Owners with tenants are responsible for notifying their tenants of these rules.  Failure of a tenant to follow the rules will result in a hold being placed on the cards for the property.
The Clubhouse will remain temporarily closed.
Disinfecting the clubhouse after each use to keep everyone safe is not a viable option; therefore the clubhouse will remain closed.
The Pine Meadow Village pool is 20’ x 45’ and is maintained by the On-Site Manager, Dan McVey who is a certified pool operator. Deschutes County  inspects pool operations annually for compliance with regulations. Pool operating temperature is 82 degrees. The off-season water temperature is 38 degrees.
The pool generally opens Memorial Day weekend (or before depending on weather) and closes the middle of September.  Dates and announcements will be posted on the calendar. The spa is open year-round. Spa operating temperature is 103 degrees. 
If you see conditions needing On-Site Manager attention you may complete the On-Site Manager Request Form to notify him, when Dan is not on-site.
Pool and Spa Hours (Phase 2)
  • Pool opens at 8:30 am and closes at 5:30 pm (closed for the season)
  • Exercise and Lap Swim:  8:30 am - 10:00 am
  • Spa opens at 8:30 am and closes at 5:00 pm
Pool & Spa Rules:
During Phase 2:
1.     Chairs will be disinfected daily and have it available to the best of our ability on the pool deck for anyone who wants to use it. Sunshine is considered an effective disinfectant.  If you prefer, bring your own disinfectant for chairs.
2.      Door handles and bathroom surfaces (faucet handles, door handles, etc.) will be disinfected 3x/day
3.     Water fountain will remain turned off. Please bring your nonalcoholic drinks in unbreakable containers and keep 6 foot from the pool.
4.     Chairs will be spaced with 6 foot distancing.
5.     Sign in sheets must be completed by each owner on each visit; this will be enforced to provide a  contact  trace log. You will be asked to leave if you do not sign in with your name, address.  You must record your time of arrival and departure.
6.      Underwater toys (diving sticks, etc.) are OK, but no throwing of balls or toys between people.
7.      Bathrooms are for necessary use only, no showers or changing in the building. Masks must be worn in the pool and while on the pool deck.
8.      Maintain 6-foot distancing from people not in your household on the pool deck and in the water.
9.      Hot tub is to be occupied by members of a single household at a time.   Reservations for the hot tub can be made online, the same as reserving the clubhouse.  Each time slot will be for 30 minutes and  the daily reservation sheet will be posted in the clubhouse.
10.    If you do not feel well or safe, please stay home.
If we all behave responsibly our pool will remain open.  Not observing rules could result in denial of privileges or possibly the closing of the pool.
All our established pool rules remain in effect and can be found on the website and posted on the clubhouse bulletin board:
1. No lifeguard on duty. Use these facilities at your own risk.
2. No valid clubhouse card - no access.  Trespassers will not be tolerated and may be prosecuted.  Cards are not to be loaned or given to people not associated with that card.
3.  Children 13 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.
4.  Management reserves the right to ask for proof of identification and residency.
5. The following items are not allowed in the pool area:  alcohol, tobacco, gum, glass or breakable items, water balloons, pets, bikes, scooters, roller blades/shoes, skateboards, inflatable floatation devices, footballs/hard balls or any other objects/toys deemed a safety hazard.
6.  Keep food and drinks 4' from the pool and spa.
7. No smoking or vaping of any kind is allowed in the pool area, clubhouse or locker rooms.
8.  Proper swimwear is required.   No jeans, cut-offs, street clothes or loose clothing is allowed for safety reasons.
9.  No running on the pool deck.  No diving, no back flips, no cart wheels, no handstands or other such gymnastic activities off the side of the pool.
10.  Children not potty trained must wear swim diapers, while in the pool.
11.  Persons with skin diseases, open sores or wounds, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear infections or any communicable diseases are not allowed to use the pool or spa.
12.  Emergency equipment is to be used for emergencies only.  IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CALL 911
13. No wet clothes or towels are allowed on the wood floors and furnished areas of the clubhouse.
First Infraction - A verbal request or warning to stop is given by management or pool monitor.
Second Infraction - Person will be asked to leave the pool area for the day and to forfeit the clubhouse card pending a review to be completed by the Board of Directors or management.
Third Infraction - Person will not be allowed to use the clubhouse card for the season, card will be deactivated.
These infractions will apply and accumulate for each property.  If vacation renters violate rules, the property's clubhouse card can be deactivated for the remainder of the season.  It is the landlord's responsibility to inform renters of all rules and consequences.
Rules will be enforced by management and/or pool staff.  Call management (541.410.3981, if you see any unsafe activity. 
Pine Meadow Village Tennis Court
  • Court is open to the public as part of a PUD agreement with the City of Sisters
  • Court is not locked during the playing season and is available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Court is closed for the winter and nets are removed November 1 thru mid-March.