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Improvements and Maintenance

Exterior Improvements
Two questions frequently asked of the Pine Meadow Village Homeowners Association is whether approval of the Architectural Review Committee is required for repainting/restaining a home without changing colors, or for landscape maintenance, such as pruning or the removal and replacement of dead plants.  The ARC acknowledges that individual homeowners have a vested interest in maintaining the appearance of our community.  The ARC has reviewed the CC&Rs which apply to all homeowners and provides the following guidance:
Repainting or restaining without changing the original exterior colors 
ARC approval is not mandatory if the homeowner is not changing color, sheen, etc.  HOWEVER, the ARC strongly encourages homeowners to require their selected painter to provide paint samples for the paint or stain they propose to use to verify the color(s) are the same.  If requested by the homeowner, the ARC will review and approve the samples of the proposed identical colors to avoid later disputes.  If the homeowner proceeds without ARC approval, the homeowner assumes the risk of having to repaint if the colors applied by the painter are different from the previous colors.  Changes in colors have resulted from the use of old paint, differing sheens, different brands, changing between paint and stain, and using colors caused by weathering, rather than original colors. 
Repainting or restaining with different colors 
The CC&Rs require ARC approval of the new colors, and approval will only be given after inspection of samples of the new colors applied to the building.
Landscape Maintenance vs. Substantial Alteration
The CC&Rs and/or Sisters Municipal Code require homeowners to maintain their landscaping in a clean and attractive condition and to mitigate fire hazards.  Routine maintenance includes pruning, removing and replacing dead plants, replacing mulch, etc.  Routine maintenance does not require ARC approval.  The CC&Rs require approval of substantial modifications to landscaping, altering existing grading and drainage, removing live trees, planting new species of trees, etc.  Furthermore, the City of Sisters must approve removal and replacement of trees along the public roads.  Altering landscaping without ARC or the City’s approval (if required) is at the homeowner’s risk of having to restore the landscaping to its previously approved condition.  Also, the City has levied fines for unapproved removal of trees along the street.  The ARC will respond to homeowner questions regarding whether proposed work is routine maintenance or repair. 
Below are links for documents that cover specific topics relevant to Improvements and Maintenance: