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News Update
Posted on May 19th, 2019
Upcoming Community Events
4th Friday Arts Stroll:  Friday, May 24 ~ 4-7 pm
Featuring 28 galleries in Sisters; enjoy refreshments, music, demonstrations and beautiful art.
Seeking Volunteers!

Would you like to get involved in our community?  If so, we may have just what you’re looking for!

The PMV Board of Directors is looking for owners, who are interested in helping with some Common Grounds maintenance projects.  We don’t expect members to do the labor on these projects, but rather work as a committee to identify projects, get cost estimates and present suggestions, costs and timelines to the board to make necessary repairs or purchases. Some of these projects include:

  1. Selecting new pool furniture.  Our current furniture is about 20 years old and repair parts are no longer available.  People who use the pool would be the ideal choice to help determine the type of furniture that would be fill our needs.
  2. Our tennis courts need repair.  We need to determine if they can be resurfaced or if they require a complete redo. We have one tennis player, who has already volunteered to help.
  3. The walking bridges need resurfacing.  We are still searching for the best products to use on the wooden bridges to protect them from the weather and add traction during icy conditions.

You can either volunteer to help with one project or as a member of an ongoing Common Grounds Committee to address these current issues and future needs.

Please contact Dianne Wargo with any questions and interest at  630-380-9306 or

The summer and wildfire season may seem a long way off, but now is the time to prepare for the
"what ifs" of a wildfire in Sisters. 
Here are a few useful links to informative web sites: Project Wild Fire and Central Oregon Fire.   The first site provides useful fire mitigation information; the second site provides information on prescribed burns, air quality and more.  Deschutes County Wildfire Preparation is another valuable resource for wildfire preparation.
We’d like to remind all PMV owners/tenants that the City of Sisters passed Ordinance 457 (identification code 6.12.105) in March 2015 that prohibits feeding the deer.  It reads:
A person, who knowingly places, deposits, distributes, stores or scatters food, garbage or any other attractant as to constitute a lure, attraction or enticement for deer, may be issued a written notification by an agent of the City of Sisters requiring the person to remove the food, garbage or other attractant within two days of notification.
The City Council passed the ordinance in response to concerns for the safety of both people and pets and the unintended consequence of inviting prey (coyotes and cougars) into our neighborhoods.

The ordinance does indicate it is a Class B violation, which carries a $250 fine. The City first sends a notification to someone and attempts to get voluntary compliance prior to citing them.

A district wildlife biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Deschutes Wildlife District said, "We are pleased with the passage of the ordinance; feeding deer causes damage problems for neighbors, and creates human/dog safety issues by fostering "aggressive' deer. Feeding unnaturally concentrates deer, making disease transmission easier, and it can focus predators in areas of unnatural deer concentrations."
We Love Our Neighborhood
We all moved to PMV for the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and our community.  We have a reputation of being a beautiful area to live in and visit, so please help us keep it that way.   If you see litter or trash, please pick it up and dispose of it.   If you are a contractor or if your home is under construction, please ask your contractor to secure debris to keep it from blowing onto surrounding homes or green space.  If you would like assistance picking up trash, please contact Dan, our On-Site Manager, at 541.719.0126.
Thank you!
Clubhouse Parking
The Clubhouse is used by many PMV community members throughout the year.  This is a reminder that the parking lot in front of the Clubhouse is reserved for clubhouse guests.  It is NOT a parking area for surrounding homes.  As the signage in the parking area reminds us, cars not associated with clubhouse usage may be towed.
PMV Board Meeting Minutes
Please click on the Meetings link (found on the left column of this page) to view PMV HOA Board meeting minutes from past meetings.

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Upcoming Events
PMV Needlers
Monday, May 20th, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm at Clubhouse

If you like to knit, quilt or crochet or would like to learn, please join us!  We meet the third Monday of each month from 1 - 4 pm.


Board Meeting
Monday, June 17th, 4:00pm at PMV Clubhouse