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News Update
Posted on Apr 10th, 2021
PMV May News Update
The PMV HOA Board of Directors takes its responsibility of informing PMV owners of accurate news relevant to our community very seriously.
There may be situations that require research and time to access information.  The PMV board appreciates your understanding and patience as your HOA Board takes the time to conduct its due diligence prior to disseminating accurate information, especially when outside entities are involved.
Recently a memo was sent to the City of Sisters by Blackmore Planning and Development Services LLC asking the City of Sisters to consider extending S Pine Meadow St.  The extension as proposed would go through private property owned by the Roundhouse Foundation (Rolling Hills) and extend to the south.
The attorneys for the Roundhouse Foundation have talked with the City  of Sisters and advised them that this  plan is not in the best interest of the Roundhouse Foundation.
In my role as the PMV HOA Board President, I (John Sanders) also talked with the City of Sisters Principal Planner and made it clear  this would not be in the best interest of Pine Meadow Village.
As your Board President, I have been told by the City of Sisters Principal Planner that the City has no plans to extend S Pine Meadow St.  If for some reason this information changes you will be informed by your PMV HOA Board of Directors.
Register for Deschutes County Emergency Alert System
In the event of an emergency, Deschutes County officials can identify an affected area and, if necessary, send a message that describes the situation and recommend protective actions residents should take.
Example events that may trigger a DAS alert:
  • Emergency Evacuations (Fire, Flooding, Public Welfare, etc.)
  • Natural Disasters (Fire, Flooding, etc.)
  • Missing or Endangered Children or Elderly
  • Hazardous Material Incidents
  • Neighborhood Emergencies
Click here for an updated PMV site map.  Please keep in mind that PMV CC&R's require ARC review for any exterior alteration. 
Dark Sky Requirements
PMV requires that exterior lighting meet "Dark Sky" lighting requirements. PMV Development Standards Summary states that lamps must be fully shielded (no direct line of sight to the light bulb, includes patio string lights) and not exceed 60W.  If replacing incandescent or halogen lamps with LED lamps, make sure the lumen output does not exceed 840 lumens (equivalent to 60W incandescent bulbs).  Read more about the dark sky requirements.
PMV Board Meeting Minutes
Please click on the Meetings link (found on the left column of this page) to view PMV HOA Board meeting minutes from past meetings.

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