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Architectural Review

Pine Meadow Village Development Standards (CC&R's) provides details on the development’s architectural standards and guidelines, approved building materials, and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. Additionally, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has created a Development Standards Summary and a Job Site Requirements document  to help direct your building efforts. The map of the development may also be useful.
Every owner who wants to build a new home, remodel an existing home’s exterior, build an addition, or install extensive landscaping is required to submit an online Architectural Review Form to the ARC for approval. Each owner should understand the plan review process. 
Generally, the Plan Review Process is separated into two phases for preliminary and formal ARC reviews.
Phase I is the preliminary review and is free of charge.  The preliminary review is not mandatory but is meant to identify any site problems or construction issues, before the owner invests in expensive construction drawings. Issues resolved during this phase can save costly redesign expenses; however, it does not give owners approval to build.
Owners should request a Preliminary ARC meeting by contacting the ARC Committee.  Email contact information for this committee can be found on the contact page.  Before scheduling a meeting, the owner should be prepared to bring the following to the meeting:
  • A site plan denoting all setbacks.
  • Preliminary elevations noting building height, notations as to exterior materials to be used and window takeoff.
Phase II is the formal review and includes a fee of $500 payable to PMV Home Owners Association. This phase can take up to 30 days for review; however when possible,  the ARC will attempt to work with your schedule.
While electronic formal submittals are preferred, paper submittals are allowed.  All required information must be completed on the electronic form.  Additionally. please attach your construction plans including:
  • Building Plans at ¼” scale with a Site Plan, Floor Plans, Building Elevations, Building Sections, Exterior lighting. Exterior Materials List: Siding, Trim, Windows, Roofing, Stone, etc.  Note: This must be included on the initial submission to initiate the formal request for approval.
  • Landscape Plans. This may be submitted at a later date, but before landscape work begins.
  • Exterior Colors Plans. This may be submitted at a later date, but before the work begins. For existing homes, ARC submittals are required for color changes AND for repainting or restaining with existing color.  A book containing approved colors can be viewed at the clubhouse by contacting the On-Site Manager or your ARC representative.
The end result of the formal submittal will be plan approval, conditional approval or disapproval with emailed and hard copy provided.
Paint/Stain: All paint or stain projects require approval.  Whether owners want to repaint or restain using the previously approved color OR paint or stain using a different color, all owners are required to submit an Architectural Review Form to the ARC for approval. Paint/stain samples using the desired color should be applied to siding in a test area for the ARC to review.      
Appeal Process: The ARC is a committee that assists and advises the Board of Directors, so all ARC decisions are subject to appeal to the board. Appeal costs will be paid by the owner requesting the appeal, if the board needs to hire an architect to help adjudicate contested issues. The appeal should be sent to the board in writing and it will be added to the next meeting agenda to be heard.