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News Update
Posted on Oct 9th, 2019

October Board Meeting
Please join us for the Monday, October 21, 2019 Board Meeting at 4pm in the Clubhouse.  For your convenience, click for meeting agenda.
Nights are Getting Colder: You can help prevent icy sidewalks
With the temperatures reaching 32 degrees and below, it's time to reset yard irrigation systems to allow over spray to dry before morning.  Irrigation professionals suggest setting systems for anytime between 7pm and 10pm. This simple step will allow sidewalks to dry, which will prevent icy sidewalks during the morning hours.
For PMV owners who are new to the area, October is typically the month to have your irrigation system winterized for the season.  This step prevents broken irrigation pipes come the spring thaw.   There are several companies in Sisters that offer this service.
Trees in Pine Meadow Village
PMV has many street trees that are reaching maturity, some may be either dying or dead.  To assist with the beauty and enjoyment of our neighborhood, some action may be necessary to assure these street trees are maintained. Owners are asked to determine what action should be taken with trees on their property and then take appropriate steps to either remove or treat diseased trees. 
The City of Sisters has established requirements for planting street trees in the ROW landscape strip, which calls for placement every 30 feet. These rules apply to PMV properties.  If new street trees are to be planted, the City Requirements should be referenced prior to the homeowner contacting the ARC for approval.  If a PMV lot has existing street trees that are in need of removal, the City of Sisters should be contacted about the removal and replacement required by City Code. If the City will allow removal and replacement, the ARC must approve the type of street tree replacement on each PMV lot.  Homeowners can use the PMV website to contact the ARC regarding PMV recommended trees and shrubs for PMV. Only 'parkway' (street) trees must be replaced according to the City of Sisters Street Tree Regulations. Other trees planted on PMV lots must only be reviewed by the ARC for approval.  
Reminder:  tree limbs hanging over streets or sidewalks should trimmed for safe walking and adequate clearance for vehicles, including trucks during snow plowing season. 
Community Events
  • Sisters Festival of Books ~ October 19 - 20
  • Happy Girls 5k Run  ~ November 2
Recurring PMV Events
  • PMV Coffee Social ~ 2nd Monday of each month, Clubhouse from 9 am - noon
  • PMV Needlers ~ 3rd Monday of each month, Clubhouse from 1 - 4 pm
Clubhouse Parking
The Clubhouse is used by many PMV community members throughout the year.  This is a reminder that the parking lot in front of the Clubhouse is reserved for clubhouse guests.  It is NOT a parking area for surrounding homes.  As the signage in the parking area reminds us, cars not associated with clubhouse usage may be towed.
PMV Board Meeting Minutes
Please click on the Meetings link (found on the left column of this page) to view PMV HOA Board meeting minutes from past meetings.
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Comment By: Fred and Kim Fischbach
Posted on Dec 15, 2017

Please let the HOA Board know if there is other information you'd like to have included on this web site or in our newsletters. Thank you!

Comment By: Kathleen Borick
Posted on Dec 15, 2017

Good job Kim with the website.